Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullah Hiwabarakatuh,
Salam Sejahtera, Salam 1Malaysia, and
Salam Perak Aman Jaya.

Thank god, let us together climb the gratitude to Allah S. W. T. because on the bounty , the year 2017 has managed to endure with full dedication and successfully. On this occasion I took the space and opportunity to express my gratitude thanks to all the citizens of the work of the Batu Gajah District Council on the commitment, determination and hard work teamwork demonstrated in implementing all tasks that have been entrusted throughout the year 2017.

Outstanding achievement of the year 2017 is a manifestation of the commitment and the commitment of the whole citizens of the Batu Gajah District Council.2017 is the year of enough means for the rest of the staff of the department with the achievements of Five Stars in the Star Rating System Local Authorities (SPB PBT) and other achievements that have enhanced the image of the organization to a higher level.
The arrival of the year of 2018, of course will give a new challenge to the entire citizens of the Batu Gajah District Council. I urge all residents of the Council District of Batu Gajah to continue to adopt a work culture of high performance in implementing the task entrusted and practice as well as to inculcate the practice of excellent work and high integrity so that the main agenda of the department in the year of 2018 can be implemented successfully in line with the aspirations of the National Transformation 2050 (TN50).

Therefore, the implementation of the agenda of the Batu Gajah District Council for the year 2018 should be planned with a strategy that is more creative and innovative in order to achieve the mission and vision of the department. It is very important that all the actions that are swiped will be more systematic, organized and formed the path which is clear and in turn provide benefits to the community. The implementation of agenda 2017 successful should be continued as well as the added good while the identified shortcomings should be improved and failure be exemplified as the guide in the future.

The end of the word with the spirit of the new year let the rest of the citizens of the Batu Gajah District Council to enhance the determination to bring the Batu Gajah District Council to the landmark success of the higher. With more effort and high discipline as well as adhering to the values of life which is pure, we will achieve greater success in 2018. Together we seek the empowerment of the District Council Batu Gajah that has always respected and continue to contribute filial piety for the sake of the welfare of the people and the excellence of the state as a whole.


So, thank you.