Kinta Barat District Council (MDKB) was established on September 1, 1979 under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171). On March 26, 2009, MDKB renamed Batu Gajah District Council (hardcover). MDBG administrative area until December 2017 amounted to approximately 67.470 hectares with a population of about 133,422 people. Hardcover Administration Centre located in Bandar Batu Gajah and has three branch offices of the town of Mullaghmore, Pekan Pekan Tronoh and Tg. Tramp. It aims to facilitate the administration as well as implementing more committed to control over all aspects of cleaning and urban development.

As an organization which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (ministry), MDBG also responsible for the planning and development of administrative areas in order to create and produce a pattern of a society that is prosperous, cultured, and educated by moving towards the next millennium. Administrative regions Batu Gajah District Council includes five districts namely Sg. Apply, Shopping, Tg.Tualang, and some Sg.Raia and Hulu Kinta. The main administrative area is in Batu Gajah where hardcover office is located at Jalan Hj Abd Wahab, while other cities were Tg.Tualang, Dizziness, Tronoh, Board, Sg. Durian, camped and Sg.Raia.

MDBG also won several awards such as the Best Office Award (Third) of 2003 (Category PBT Perak), Award Jalur Gemilang Campaign (First) of 2003 (Category PBT Perak) and Awards Parade Marching Independence Month 2004 - Johan (Category Government departments). In 2010, hardcover also have obtained MS ISO 9001: 2008 on 20 August 2010, 5S Quality Environment Certification on 25 November 2010 and received an award of 5 Stars Council website.