We promise to provide friendly service with a culture of high performance, simple, fast and effective. Thus we :

  • Ensure full service and friendly attitude and uphold the quality of professionalism in every affair
  • Guarantee to provide quality municipal services, sustainable development and sustainable to achieve the mission, vision and objectives of the quality of the event.
  • Ensure general assessment tax bills will be issued no later than January 15 for the first term and the second term on July 15 each year
  • Securing business premises license application (risk category) are processed and completed within 60 days, while for the business license (category not risky) issued interim approval within 7 days
  • 30 types of guarantees to ensure that the application is received at the counter osc resolved in a timely manner
  • Ensuring all payment claims be completed within 5 working days provided all full documentation.



We are committed to provide efficient, ethical and friendly to our customers as follows :

  • Monitoring issues / feedback on the Department through the newspapers and the internet and make paper cuttings issues, record and distribute to alert management on a daily basis;
  • Issue a public acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint within three (3) working days;
  • Coordinating and distributing public complaint for further action to the department / unit within a period of one (1) working day;
  • Responding to the actions taken on complaints within fifteen (15) working days;
  • Answering a phone call not to exceed three (3) rings
  • Hardcover bulletin issued every two months;


  • Collecting at the counter within 3 minutes by promising efficient counter service, quality and customer-friendly.
  • Provides Local Order no later than 4 working days provided full documentation.
  • All payment claims be completed within 5 working days provided complete supporting documents submitted.
  • Processing and approving loan applications Vehicle and Computer Loan within 14 working days provided full documentation.
  • Provides Budget estimates by 31. August
  • Prepare and submit annual financial statements to the Audit Department of the State Council at the latest by April next year.


Strive to create a quality design by providing and supplying of information planning and development control in Batu Gajah District Council to the public with fast, accurate and friendly.

  • Provide comments and views on the application for subdivision of land, conversion, subdivision, a listing of soil and land application is made within one (1) month from the date of receipt provided that it is complete and in accordance with the rules of the general scheme of state regulation of silver.
  • Provide comments and insights application development plans made during the period (1) week, provided they are complete and comply with legal requirements.
  • Approval certifies that a complete layout plan within two (2) weeks.


Trying to Improve the Quality of Environmental Health Area District Council Batu Gajah For Creating Areas Clean, Indah Permai, Orderly Dynamics.

  • Provide garbage collection services on a daily basis in the city center
  • To provide 3x semiggu garbage collection in residential areas.
  • To provide street sweeping on every day at the center.
  • Serve cut grass two (2) times a month in the routing protocol and one (1) time per month in residential / park - housing.
  • Drain cleaning activities once a month in residential areas and city centers.
  • Ensure environmental health activities conducted as monthly design.
  • Take action on complaints - complaints by-offs are three (3) working days from the date the complaint.


We are committed to providing the best and efficient in carrying out their duties in accordance with the following standards:


Rateable properties valued for tax purposes at a fair and reasonable assessment.

  • Give a decision within two (2) months from the date of receipt of the objection of the taxpayer.
  • Estimated tax bill issued to the owners of rateable properties latest by January 15, (1/2 of the First) and July 15 (1/2 Second Term)
  • Provide a written answer to a search property information within two (2) working days from the date of application.
  • A notice of amendment to the valuation of rateable property owners no later than thirty (30) working days prior to the effective date.


  • Provides legal services in accordance with the legal provisions of the existing policy with regard to Batu Gajah District Council and the public interest within 14 days.
  • Registered a case with the court action under the provisions of the existing law on the Public Prosecutor's Office Deputy State within 60 working days, taking into account all the factors involved and cooperation department.


Strive to create a safe, orderly and harmonious to all residents in Batu Gajah District Council area.

  • Take action within 7 days of complaints that actually exists.
  • Patrolling the parking lots every 15 minutes once.
  • Ensuring unpaid parking fines issued 10 compounds per day for each member.
  • Ensuring public obstruction patrol conducted in 25 districts week.
  • Ensure business premises inspections carried out at 25 premises in the week.
  • Ensure that the cancellation and reduction of the compound of Act 333, Act 171 and Act 133 is 7 days form the date of cancellation and reduction accepted.


  • Processing of tenders and quotations that are offered to the contractor within 5 weeks.
  • The process of claim payments contractor or wholesaler to the Treasury Department for 10 days.
  • Applicants relief betting money or bank guarantee or insurance guarantee for projects the Council within 7 days.
  • Application for approval of a permit to install cable and dig his way to work utility within 14 days.
  • Public lighting applications processed within 21 days whether the application is approved or denied.



Reservations equipment :

  • Ensure the number of equipment supplied to meet the needs of customers and the return of such equipment is 100% approved.

Approval application landscape :

  • To ensure application landscape plan approvals given within 57 days after all the conditions are met.