Symbol / Colour


Rasional Logo

Logo this picture excellence cohesion District Council citizen Batu Gajah and Batu Gajah people overall in realizing mission, their vision and motto. 

Yellow Colour

Royal,s colour which symbolises Batu Gajah district under Kesultanan Perak Patronage

White Colour

Represent sanctity and good values that practiced by MDBG namelycooperate, trust, committed and integrity

Also symbolizing environmental cleanliness

Black Colour

Represent strength and MDBG citizen's dedication in implementing responsibility

Red Colour

Symbolizing bravery that possessed by MDBG citizen in bear every responsibility that being consigned based on mission and vision that shaped

Light Blue Colour

Represent agreement and cooperation that exists among MDBG citizen in realising mission and MDBG vision

Thick Blue Colour

Represent goodwill unity various race

Yellow Colour Combination, White and Black

Is state flags official colours Perak

District Council Word Batu Gajah

Introduction to Batu Gajah District Council

Jawi Word Batu Gajah District Council

MDBG role in maintaining heritage and historical value


Is MDBG motto namely Mudah, Cepat and Berkesan. Motto combination this will be bringing mission and MDBG vision direction excellence

Mudah Cepat Berkesan word's curve such as smile form picture MDBG excellence in service quality

Shape of circle

Resolution and MDBG determination in realising their vision and missio

Dome form mosque

Represent Islamic Religion as state official religion and federal

Represent Islamic religious practices which became root / basis to people' well-being and earth fertility in Batu Gajah district

Kellie's Castlebuilding window's form in the centre logo

Is form architecture Kellie's Castle building window that is one historical remains building in Batu Gajah

Ixora Coccinea flower's form red in colour left and right logo

Ixora Coccinea flower's form red in colour left and right logo

Is MDBG Ixora Coccinea official flower or Bunga Siantan / Jejarum

Flower arrangement from below on picture district population close cooperation Batu Gajah in supporting MDBG development agenda to peak of success

Dentate gear form red in colour

Symbol of engineering activities, public works, industrial and commercial areas around Batu Gajah

Form 2 people connected hand and 2 people raise hand on between one another

Close cooperation symbol among MDBG citizen and Batu Gajah people

Form 2 people hand in hand bring role meaning MDBG citizen in giving best service and excellent to people in Batu Gajah area

While form 2 people raise hand bring role of the people meaning in Batu Gajah area in helping MDBG citizen implement vision, mission and MDBG main objective

Red arrow form, deep blue and baby blue that direct upper in symbol radius hand 4 people

Bring MDBG meaning direction excellence as a authoritative organization, viable and innovative in administration and service, efficient municipal, effective and committed to population and area under the administration.

MDBG building's form in the centre symbol radius hand 4 people

Represent administrative centre and development pulse and district excellence Batu Gajah

Is success symbol and MDBG citizen's vision in implementing responsibility that being consigned

Form such as red in colour atom molecule retroflex and deep blue between arrow on

Bring MDBG progress's meaning together with advancement of science and technology

Stagnant form of water such as mining area and dredge form on the left

Is town identity Batu Gajah as mining area's former town.