This policy was created to establish rules and procedures for access to the server room, the Information Technology Division


Server Room, Information Technology Division is a restricted access area. Permission is only granted to employees of IT, Information Technology Division only requiring continuous or frequent access to the server room. Employees or suppliers are required to fill in the Application Access Server Room BTM to gain access to a server and application require the approval of the Administrator Server Room.

Regulation of the Server Room

  • Prohibited turn off the server or network hardware has been installed without permission so that the operation is not interrupted.
  • Prohibited from opening or switching hardware from the home without supervision Coordination of ICT to avoid damage caused by incorrect handling.
  • Forbidden to enter the server room without permission
  • Every individual or party providers who want to use the server room should be noted in the logbook information to the server room. Prohibited turn off the air conditioning in the server room so the level of heat and condensation does not occur.
  • Non-moving or transferring all tools and hardware in the server room without permission.
  • Report any damage and loss of all equipment, hardware and software to ICT officer immediately.


Individuals who require access to the server room must comply with the policies that have been established to ensure the safety of the server room.